President – Shall direct and conduct the business of the club, preside at meetings of the club and the board, appoint all committees unless otherwise provided in the rules or in a motion authorizing the committee, maintain permanent records of the club, be an ex-officio member of all committees except Nominating Committee, and provide oversight in a director capacity over Mission Support committees

President-Elect – Shall serve as chair of the Program Meeting scheduling, serve as President when the President is absent or disabled, make certain that the Treasurer and any required officers are bonded, and serve as Secretary when the Secretary is absent, reading correspondence and preparing minutes.

Secretary – Shall keep the minutes of the business meetings of the club and of the Board, submit to the club the minutes of the club business meetings and the recommendations of the board, carry on such correspondence as is requested by the President and does not properly belong to other officers and committee chairs.

Treasurer – Shall receive all funds and deposit them in the financial institutions authorized by the Board, prepare all checks, make remittances required by Federation By-Laws and Region and Club By-Laws and Standing Rules, pay authorized bills ups to budgeted amounts without the requirement of additional approval by the membership, serve as ex-officio member of the Budget & Finance Committee, and be bonded. If the Treasurer is unable to complete any of her duties promptly she shall delegate those duties to the Assistant Treasurer.

Assistant Treasurer – Shall be Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee, assist the Treasurer in any of her functions as requested by the Treasurer or the Board, be bonded, and support the Membership Committee’s responsibility for 5008 forms for New Members.