2019/2020 SI Vista/NCI Dream Team

Note:  Asterisk* denotes Committee Chairs. Some chairs have yet to be chosen. Installation and other ad hoc committees will be formed later in the year. Any member may request to be added to a committee list at any time.


Social Committee/Holiday Party

  1. Allison Metzler
  2. Melinda Jarrell
  3. Sherry Luz

Distinguished Soroptimist Sponsor/Sponsor Development (including Chamber of Commerce meetings/networking)

  1. Judy Gregorie

Soroptimist Orientation & Leadership (S.O.L.T.)

  1. Judy Gregorie
  2. Jennifer Luz-Olson

New Member/Current Member Support

  1. Allison Metzler
  2. Sherry Luz
  3. Eden Weinberger


Casino Night (Fall Fundraiser)

  1. Melinda Jarrell*
  2. Pat Origlieri
  3. Judy Gregorie
  4. Sherry Luz
  5. Jackie Huyck

Quartermania Committee

  1. Pat Origlieri*
  2. Melinda Jarrell
  3. Sherry Luz

Club Project Fundraising (Football Mania, Garage Sales, SCRIP, Other Club Projects)

  1. Cherie Wilson (SCRIP)
  2. Jackie Huyck (SCRIP)
  3. ________________ (Football Mania)
  4. ________________(LYD Gala Fundraising Assistance)
  5. Cherie Wilson (Other Club Projects)

Personal Projects

  • Judy is interested in doing 2 poker lessons
  • Elizabeth has planned 2 High Teas
  • Melinda is investigating dinner/wine-pairing
  • event
  • Dyana – selling jewelry and other food goods
  • Cherie – selling bracelets/jewelry
  • Thora – monthly bunco
  • Melinda – referrals for travel agency
  • Runa – referrals for real estate
  • YOUR Project here!


Live Your Dream Gala Dinner

  1. Lani Beltrano
  2. Karen Del Bene
  3. Nelly Jarrous
  4. Runa Gunnars

Live Your Dream Applications, Awardees and Sponsorships

  1. Eden Weinberger (Applications and Awardees)
  2. Aleta Dirdo (Sponsorships)

Dream It Be It

  1. Assly Sayyar*
  2. Ellen Clark*
  3. Nelly Jarrous
  4. Allison Metzler
  5. Sherry Luz

Prevention of Violence Against Women/Human Trafficking Awareness

  1. Kaye Van Nevel (chair)
  2. Allison Metzler
  3. Sherry Luz
  4. Jackie Huyck
  5. Cherie Wilson

Program Meetings Scheduling

  1. Lani Beltrano
  2. Karen Del Bene
  3. Eden Weinberger (evening meetings)


Social Media

  1. Assly Sayyar
  2. Jackie Huyck


  1. Jackie Huyck*

Website (including online calendar)

  1. Aleta Dirdo
  2. Jackie Huyck
  3. Karen Thompson
  4. Lani Beltrano (online calendar)

PR Events (i.e., Vista Parade, Chamber Events and other events)

  1. Jennifer Luz-Olson (Parades)
  2. Aleta Dirdo


Budget Committee

  1. Pat Origlieri
  2. Assly Sayyar
  3. Aleta Dirdo
  4. Jennifer Luz-Olson

Service Fund/Live Your Dream Committee

  1. Eden Weinberger
  2. Runa Gunnars

Working Committee (i.e., House, Attendance, Fines & Brags, Happiness, Hospitality)

  1. Dyana Preti (Attendance)
  2. Allison Metzler – fines/brags
  3. Lani Beltrano and Allison Metzler – Hospitality
  4. Jody Haddon and ___________- Happiness
  5. Club Welcome Officer __________________
  6. Phone Tree Leaders: Assly Sayyar and __________

Bylaws and Policies

  1. Judy Gregorie
  2. Assly Sayyar
  3. Jennifer Luz-Olson

Installation and Nominating committees and other ad hoc committees will be formed later in the year. See Calandar for dates.