2017/2018 SIVNCI Dream Team

Laws & Resolutions Committees

1. Judy Gregorie
2. Assly Sayyar
3. Nelly Jarrous

WORKING COMMITTEES: ( must be available each meeting)

House Committee: (SIVNCI Board)

Attendance:  (IMPORTANT NOTE: 8.2 SIVNCI bylaws: “All regular members are responsible for attendance and payment of meal costs, unless that member has made a written request not to pay for meals, and such request has been approved by the Board, or a leave of absence has been granted by the Board.”)

Attendance Committee is responsible for taking attendance at the monthly lunch meeteings, receiving and recording lunch payments and transferring the money and attendance list to the proper people.

1.  Dyana Preti
2.  Sherry Luz

Thought for the Day & Humor:
1. Judy Gregorie
2. Brigit Clarke-Smith

1. Eleanor Hutchins
2. Sharon Garvey

1. Melinda Jarrell
2. Nelly Jarrous

PROGRAMS: Director Runa Gunnars
Live Your Dream, Training and Education Award Program, Dream it-Be it , Prevention of Violence against Women/HT
1. Assly Sayyar
2. Ellen Clark
3. Aleta Dirdo
4. Paula Nix
5. Kaye Van Nevel
6. Anna Pappalardo
7. Ardis McAndrew

PUBLIC AWARENESS: Director Catherine Manis
Newsletter: SOROPTILINE, Website, Press Releases & News etc., Social
Media: (Facebook, Twitter …) Vista, Escondido & San Marcos Chambers
1. Jackie Huyck
2. Aleta Dirdo
3. Allison Metzler
4. Assly Sayyar
5. Dee Dee Timmons (Chamber)
6. Kaye Van Nevel (HT)

FUNDRAISING: Directors Cherie Wilson & Melinda Jarrell
SIVNCI Club Projects & Personal Projects, Service Funding from 2016/2017
1. Marge Swacker
2. Allison Metzler
3. Dyana Preti
4. Karen Del Bene
5. Judy Gregorie
6. Sherry Luz
7. Kaye Van Nevel (Service)
8. Anna Pappalardo
9. Ardis McAndrew
10. Runa Gunnars

MEMBERSHIP: Director Sherry Luz
New Members, Mentors, Membership Retention, Distinguished Soroptimist
Sponsors, Social, S.O.L.T.
1. Judy Gregorie (S.O.L.T.)
2. Karen Del Bene (Distinguished Sponsors)
3. Allison Metzler
4. Ardis McAndrew
5. DeeDee Timmons
6. Nelly Jarrous