Installation of 2017-2018 Officers

On Saturday, June 24, the installation committee prepared and hosted a light hearted and enjoyable afternoon. Judy Gregorie secured the beautiful South Patio at Vista Valley Country Club. We dined on delicious chicken salads. Dee Dee Timmons brought together all the important details, the plaques, the congratulatory cake and emceed the day. She presented the outgoing Presidents gift: a stay at California Adventure, Disneyland for an overnight. Kaye Van Nevel introduced the incoming officers with cartoon metaphors and photos. She conducted the installation ceremony. We were honored by the attendance of Terry Rose, our District II Director.

OFFICERS 2017-2018
Lani Beltrano and Thora Soyland, Co-Presidents
Assly Sayyar, President-Elect
Judy Gregorie, Secretary
Pat Origlieri, Treasurer
Aleta Dirdo, Assistant Treasurer

Runa Gunnars, PROGRAMS
Cherie Wilson and Melinda Jarrell, FUNDRAISING

Lani Beltrano, (as a Co-President of the Club)
Eden Weinberger, One Year
Sherry Luz, One Year Alternate
Thora Soyland, Two Year
Dee Dee Timmons, Two Year Alternate

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